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Single Seat Deregulated SSDR

Welcome to the Daedalus Single Seat Deregulated aircraft development Blog

Follow the development blog of a new, all metal Single seat de-regulated touring aircraft being designed and built by Chris Antrobus in East Sussex. with a roomy, wide cockpit, rugged airframe, long range and practicality in mind.

The aircraft features tapered outer wings, all moving stab and fin provided a level of complexity that could have been avoided, but I originally started with an elliptical wing which would be too complex for construction, and only provides in the region of a couple percent improvement in lift and drag over a tapered wing.

Birth of a new design

I developed interest in fixed wing flight at age 7 after leaning heavily on my parents to buy me my first RC aircraft, then after watching the tv series "A Plane Is Born" it became my goal to design and build my own aircraft. I started out with a wood and fiberglass design owing to material costs, but didn't like the way it was going, and had since taken up employment and specialised in sheet metal work. So the design you see here is the result. If anyone would like to discuss it or their own SSDR please get in touch I'd love to swap stories and ideas, or I can offer some level of design service for your own.


Daedalus SSDR Blog, Stay tuned for more during 2022.