Engine & Mount

The engine of choice for the aircraft is the Rotax 503, air cooled two stroke engine. The weight came in at the expected 30.5kg, need to try make a lightweight exhaust for it, as the stock one weighs I think up to 5kg.

As of September 2020, the controls and joystick are finalised, and the lower skin in position with, thanks to Simon Knights help, about 40% riveted on thus far. The laser cut brake discs where lost by UPS, so the company is kindly cutting more off ASAP.

I've just designed the engine mount in detail, I had an original design which was inspired by another installation, but I wasn't happy with the stressing. So the MK2 is simpler, lighter and twice as strong. See images attached for the stresses and configuration changes. Will start fabricating this week. See the MK1 then MK2 versions loaded in the same way.

Top Left - MK1 engine mount config.

Top Centre - MK1 Stresses, this was after adding the cross bracing at the bent point of the upper tubes. 6G loading, full engine torque, and gyroscopic loading.

Top Right - MK 2 Displacements, 3mm max basically.

Bottom Left - MK2 configuration

Bottom Centre - MK2 Stresses, same loading as the MK1 at 6G, full engine torque and gyroscopic load.

Bottom Right - MK1 Stresses.