Flaps and General Update

On the SSDR, the first flap has been mostly assembled, it was very satisfying when I positioned and fitted the main flap hinge to the flap itself, and pinned in place for it all to line up perfectly.

The Fuselage Rear Spar carry through is now cut into the fuselage and fitted to the ribs port side. It really gives the impression of how much space there will be, also think I can have a lower canopy then I envisioned. The rear spar pickup is also measured up, designed and fitted to allow the wings to fold about the top main spar pin.

On a side bar, had to pop to the model shop to buy some fiberglass and found a rare as the proverbial number drill stand with complete set of drills! £10, as well as two imperial micrometers for £2.50 each. Bought in an immaculate tube wall thickness micrometer.


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