Smudlets & Stabilator Installation

I have been working on an English wheel experiment, and have produced what I call 'Smudlets' to keep the mud off the wings, they came out quite well and even, but one cracked on top without adequate annealing so needed a plate repair, regardless should do the job and look cool.

The stabilator is now fully mounted, the bearings pressed in and bolted on.

I added a steel doubler to the bulkhead the tailplanes all bolt onto, as the 18swg ally was clearly not up to it alone, with all the torque 3.5ft of stab could do either side.

I also made up a mass balance arm, as I hadn't really planned for it, that wraps around the main spar and rivets through the caps. Future versions will have spacer blocks and bolt through the spar. This took quite some designing to fit in the small space and take the load.