In the few moments I've had recently between trying to progress the main projects I have been working on the flap slot and undercarriage for my SSDR, tyres are on order (Heavy duty sackbarrow tyres) and I've designed wheels which I will turn up here with bearings, atv disc brakes and callipers on order.

Second wheel all machined up, I think these need a bit more weight reduction they are very heavy for the aircraft scale. Also I think the quad bike hydraulic brakes are very heavy and complete overkill, going to source a bicycle set like most other microlights.

Wheel I made for my SSDR, 4.5" Dural Bar, with a heavy duty wheelbarrow tyre. Looks the business but the tyre surviving is questionable, will be building a rig on the car to 'Test' it. But it is all the Cri Cris fly on.