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About DFR.

DFR is an independent, restoration and fabrication specialist based in Northiam East Sussex.  We have an expanding range of equipment and a constantly expanding capability with low overheads and a large range of skills. With a high level of flexibility DFR can fulfil your project needs in a far more affordable manner than any of our competitors.

Founder - Chris Antrobus.

"I have 6 Years aircraft restoration experience with Retrotec Ltd in East Sussex, with a BEng and MSc in Aerospace Engineering specialising in sheet metal fabrication and welding, tubular work and extensive machining experience. 

I’m a private pilot of 10 years and co owner of a Nicollier Menestrel (Photo Below) which has recently returned to the air after 18 months of ongoing restoration work.I have seen the back of 2 major aircraft projects and worked on aircraft restoration work including Hawker Hart/Fury, Sopwith Pup (All metalwork), Sopwith Snipe, DH9, Fiesler Storch, Tiger Moth and individual parts for countless other. 

I also have experience in, Alfa Romeo bodywork and restoration, emergency repairs to hill climber radiators, automotive welding and many more projects and jobs have passed across my workbench.  More recent projects range from 2000L fuel bowsers to Industrial building doors.

I don't claim to have the answers to everything, but I will try my best to find one if one doesn't exist."

G-CDZR Nicollier Menestrel
G-CDZR Nicollier Menestrel

Additional Manpower

DFR is founded on the individual but gains decades of additional experience from over a dozen contacts who can be called in to provide specialist knowledge and skills to suit nearly all restoration requirements. Decades of experience including Spitfire and Hawker aircraft construction, CofA aircraft maintenance, Jaguar restorations and replicas, for a more detailed list see below.


The company can call on the experience of half a dozen restoration veterans with skills including; 

Sheet metal, machining, welding specialists, power-plant, systems and controls, aircraft assembly and outfitting, leather-work, aircraft fabric and doping, woodworking, systems. This gives DFR a huge scope of capability but not the associated costs of keeping a full time staff.