Stabilator Assembly

This was the first major assembly that came out of the originally manufactured collection of parts.

As the design is an all moving stab, to provide adequate authority for the absurdly low stall speeds required by the SSDR category of 35kts, an extremely rigid spar which can take all the bending loads of such a large plane, and torsion about the 1/3 chord point.

For simplicity the caps are not layered construction but one piece 16swg 2024 T3 and the process of punching the lightening out on the fly press was very time consuming. the sheet sizes available meant that the outboard portions are joggled and riveted on with doublers. The forces involved in direct push pull controls was too high, so I designed it to use levers under the tail and an up down connection acting on a cross tube aft of the hinge resulting in very low control force requirements.


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